Pharmaceutical / Laboratory Safety Equipment

The right gear in your lab is essential for safety – and having the right inventory at all times is essential for your budget. Overstocking is overspending, but you also need to ensure critical products are always on hand.

Quest Safety understands this balance. We have the industry knowledge to provide you with exactly what you need – the right products, at the right time.

We are continually updating our training in this industry and pay attention to proper applications.

Without this careful attention, it’s easy to pair products that may not work with your critical environment, so we make accuracy a priority.


We provide the full range of pharmaceutical and laboratory safety equipment, including:

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Cleanroom apparel
  • Laboratory and scientific supplies
  • Safety cabinets and cans
  • Spill containment gear
  • Ergonomic & Material Handling Equipment
  • Janitorial and sanitation equipment (e.g. wipes/towels/MRO)

Quest Protective Apparel® is our line of protective apparel – coveralls, lab coats, shoe & boot covers – developed with input from our customers. These products are manufactured in clean facilities and pass clean room standards.

Because we are the manufacturer and distributor, users of Quest Protective Apparel® are able to increase safety, create a stronger supply chain & often dramatically lower costs.

Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise is the cornerstone of our business. We focus on being a true partner to you – getting the right products for the right applications.

Not only do we have technical expertise, we share best practices with you. We work with our manufacturing partners to provide training on products and services for more efficient utilization.

We create a team culture with our clients, and we see ourselves as your advocate. We represent a wide range of manufacturers to offer you the correct products – our goal is to be an extension of your supply chain, safety, and quality teams.

When you need something, you can rely on us to get it quickly. With our agile structure, there’s no shipment process delay. If we have it in our warehouse – you’ll have it in your hands, JIT, with no 2-3 day lag time.

Accurate Inventory

A personal relationship means we know you, and your needs. We work with you to develop personalized inventory strategy. As a result, we consistently offer 99% inventory accuracy and 99.2% order accuracy – other distributors don’t even come close.

This accuracy means you save money with a lean inventory while your employees always have the gear they need to do their jobs safely and well.

Competitive Pricing

Quest Safety is an independently owned company – but also a member of the largest safety products buying group that allows us to capitalize on volume buying power for better pricing.

We work with 7 of the top 35 pharmaceutical companies in the nation – and we are able to price competitively. We want your business, and we’ll work hard to ensure your budget needs are met.

Let us show you how we can make managing your inventory easier and more cost effective. Contact us today for a free consultation.