Investment in Quest Employees and Customers

To achieve superior customer service and consistently create superior products, a progressive business model has to be implemented on a daily basis.

quest teamQuest® believes that the most important asset a company has been its people.

For this reason, Quest® invests significant resources in ensuring its employees are the best trained and most qualified individuals to assist our clients.

Quest® achieves this by fostering professional development through assessing employee educational and training needs.

Half of the Quest® sales force has obtained the Qualified Safety Sales Professional (QSSP) certification; a title shared by only 700 individuals in the industry. All Sales Team members participate in annual OSHA 30 hour course.

Additionally, Quest® recently invested in sending two team members to Six Sigma Process Improvement training to achieve their black belt certification.

Not only does Quest® invest in employee professional growth, we also invest in our customers. Quest® is committed to staffing its organization with individuals possessing an exceptionally high level of customer service and technical expertise to maintain an accuracy rate of 99.6% in the areas of delivery, product selection, vendor error, and billing.

As Sam puts it,

We are not in the business to simply sell products. We want to gain an understanding of what our customers’ business goals are and how we can help them achieve those goals. We work with our customers to continually develop improved solutions that make them more efficient, cost-effective and knowledgeable about new products available to them in the marketplace.

Another way Quest® achieves this is by offering inventory management solutions and supply chain systems that reach all the way back into our vendors’ manufacturing processes. This level of service helps ensure that our customers never run out of the products they need to get the job done.